Every Australian needs to meet Fadak. Fifteen years ago, she was a refugee fleeing the invasion of Iraq. Today, she is a 25 year old law graduate on a mission to tell her story as Australia has not yet heard it – in her own words.

“I’ve been an Australian longer than I’ve been a refugee. I’m tired of having others tell my story. I want to reclaim my voice.”

Fadak wants to put a human face to the untold stories of resilience and strength in Australia’s refugee community, and the networks of supporters around them.

Join Road to Refuge and Refugees On Air as we launch the first refugee-led storytelling campaign, ‘Meet Fadak’ on June 19, to challenge the current stories about Fadak and people like her.

The launch event will feature a live discussion with Refugees On Air – a podcast program recorded by 16 year old Syrian twins, Sarah and Maya. Together, they will discuss the importance of supporting people from refugee backgrounds to reclaim their story, how Australia’s welcome can change lives and how you can be involved in supporting the ‘Meet Fadak’ campaign.

The event will be intimate evening and chance to truly converse in a way the headlines about refugees don’t allow us too. We hope to see you there to meet Fadak!

Unfortunately, this an 18+ event with seating only limited to 50 people. The venue is also not wheelchair accessible.

For more information, visit our Eventbrite page or email info@roadtorefuge.com