MESMA Studio is a co-working and multimedia arts space in Coburg, Melbourne.

MESMA Studio facilitates a creative, open and collaborative environment for people from all disciplines. It functions as a hub that connects, enlivens and inspires the Brunswick and Coburg community.

Operating since May 2016, the space currently hosts 12 resident artists and small businesses in our studio spaces, spanning graphic design, web development, communications, music production, visual arts, publication, photography, and ceramics.

We regularly host events, such as live music performances, talks, screenings and workshops. We also offer our space for hire, with discounted rates for community groups and not-for-profits.



  • Aaron Christopher Rees
  • Anaya Latter
  • Ben Hobson
  • Ben Taylor
  • Carla McKee
  • Camryn Rothenbury
  • Ender Baskan
  • Kim Thomson
  • Raymond Chang
  • Runa Kamijo
  • Shanon Whitelock
  • Sophie Morris